Food Assistance

Gorge Grown have a full list of food assistance sources for counties on both sides of the river. It includes Food Banks, Federal programs, resources for youth and resources for seniors

Columbia Gorge Food Bank have a list of food sources for most Oregon side towns that is updated on their Facebook page

Mosier also just opened a Food Bank in the old gas station next to the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm

Most School Districts are also providing meals for kids during this time including:

Hood River School District (8 different drop off locations)

Stevenson-Carson School District (donate here to help that program)

Skamania School District

N Wasco County (The Dalles) School District

Community Backpack Program in The Dalles is also continuing to give kids meals to take home over the weekend

Organizations that provide meals or access to safe, healthy food for children, families and seniors are invited to apply for funding from the Gorge Community Foundation’s Burchell Fund.  The link to this year’s application is here.