The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic area is an amazing place to both live and visit. Made up of two states and 15 -20 little towns, the Gorge thrives on our small businesses.

As we saw with the Eagle Creek Fire in 2017, these businesses depend on our support in the down times so they can support us in the good times.

The social distancing measures for the COVID-19 virus are a beautiful example of all of us working together to ‘flatten the peak’ of cases so that our medical system can match the pace without becoming overwhelmed.

This website is dedicated to find ways to support our businesses and organizations (and all of their workers and staff) during this time and to work together to help them ‘flatten the dip’ they will experience as people are asked to stay home.

Thank you for helping us to look ahead and preparing early for the recovery stage.

An effort of the Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance – a network of partners focused on enhancing our committees and protecting the region. To add info, send to your local chamber or to emily@columbiagorgetourismalliance.org